VRROOM: Guardians of the Gala… of the Metaverse

Let us introduce ourselves briefly: our VRROOM team brings years of experience in virtual reality 😎. We opened the doors of our metaverse platform to the public on November 7th. Imagine an explosive mix of art and technology, virtual worlds where anything is possible. Thanks to the hard work of the entire VRROOM team, we have developed multiple immersive experiences and brought your worlds to life live. As enthusiasts of technology and virtual worlds, we are thrilled to share our experience with you.

The Zénith Paris – La Villette, a Must-Visit

Another protagonist of this collaboration is the Zénith Paris – La Villette: a name that resonates in the heart of all show enthusiasts. Since 1984, this legendary venue has hosted international artists, global superstars, and ecstatic crowds. Daft Punk, Madonna, and many others have set this iconic stage on fire.

VRROOM X Zénith: An Immersive Partnership

Now, imagine our two forces combined. Zénith Paris – La Villette and VRROOM are working hand in hand to create shows that will transport you to other universes. You can be within the walls of the Zénith, with famous artists on stage, and also join the concert through your VR headset and experience it as if you were there. This is the magic of the metaverse: you can customize your adventure and become the director of your own virtual destiny.

Innovation at the Service of Entertainment

Lily Fisher, director of Zénith Paris – La Villette, is determined to offer a spectacular experience to her audience. For her, the metaverse is the key to pushing the boundaries of interaction between artists and the audience. Technology becomes an ally in the quest for a new dimension of entertainment, without ever sacrificing the thrill of the live experience. Louis Cacciuttolo, founder of VRROOM, adds that the metaverse is gradually becoming a new reality. It’s an adventure that transcends obscurantism and takes us to unexplored artistic horizons.

VRROOM X Zénith de Paris Partnership: The Sacred Union of Entertainment

Zénith Paris – La Villette attracts more than 700,000 music, comedy, and performing arts fans every year. VRROOM is not just a witness to the celebration – we are the masters of ceremony. Our wish: to accompany you in the creation of your universes, and push the boundaries of reality.

Together, VRROOM and Zénith Paris – La Villette create a dynamic alliance that will propel live entertainment into a new dimension. The magic happens through technology, but it never loses the authenticity that makes live experiences unique.

It’s Showtime!

Get ready to experience a blend of the real and the virtual. VRROOM and Zénith Paris – La Villette promise you an unforgettable journey. No room for boredom, the future of entertainment is at hand, and it’s anything but ordinary.

So, dive into the metaverse and experience something that will thrill you from head to toe! VRROOM and Zénith Paris – La Villette are waiting for you, ready to take you into a world of entertainment that surpasses all your expectations. Buckle up, because it’s going to be a wild ride!