VRROOM, the leading social XR studio and entertainment Metaverse platform, announces its collaboration in ‘VERSAILLES 400,’ a groundbreaking hybrid concert conceived and performed by electronic music icon Jean-Michel Jarre. Under the prestigious patronage of UNESCO and the French Ministry of Culture, this unique concert-event marks the 400th anniversary of the world heritage site Château de Versailles.


Scheduled for Christmas Day, December 25, 2023, ‘VERSAILLES 400’ is set to redefine the boundaries of live shows. Jarre, pioneer of electronic music and trailblazer in the realm of large-scale mixed-media concert-events, will deliver a simultaneous performance in the historic Hall of Mirrors and the virtual realm on VRROOM. This innovative approach ensures that audiences worldwide can access and immerse themselves in this unique concert.

Jean-Michel Jarre will don the French LYNX mixed reality headset, leveraging the cutting-edge device to transcend the traditional concert experience. The live audience in the Hall of Mirrors will witness a mesmerizing spectacle, while virtual attendees will join a global audience on VRROOM’s metaverse platform for an interactive and immersive musical experience.

The concert-event will also be airing on prominent French and international TV channels, radio stations, and digital platforms. VRROOM takes the experience to the next level by exclusively releasing a virtual reality version on December 25, providing a unique opportunity for global audiences to engage with this historic event.

Jean-Michel Jarre's vision

Jean-Michel Jarre shares his vision, stating: “I created and designed Versailles 400 from the outset as a hybrid concert and mixed-media visual creation, for live broadcast simultaneously from one of the world’s most iconic monuments, and in virtual reality. I hope the event will help bring the world of French immersive creation and know-how to the forefront of collective culture and global entertainment.”

"A multiverse VR show featuring US rapper Armani White"

Following the success of the VRROOM platform launch in early access mode on November 7th showcasing a ”multiverse” VR show featuring US rapper Armani White, VRROOM continues to be a beacon for limitless entertainment in the Metaverse.

Louis Cacciuttolo, the founder of VRROOM, says: “With its daily shows, installations and DJ sets, VRROOM aims at democratizing the access to live performances, culture and entertainment by eliminating limitations of localization and easing financial constraints, while providing user-friendly tools to help content creators build their own universe, stage or gallery, meet their fans, and directly monetize their events”.

Don’t miss the transformative ‘VERSAILLES 400’, bridging the gap between reality and the Metaverse and shaping the future of live entertainment. Join us on Christmas Day for an unforgettable experience!

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About Jean-michel Jarre

Jean-Michel Jarre has always been a futurist in his field. Throughout his illustrious career, the composer, performer, producer, and cultural ambassador has continued to break new ground with his music and his mastery of creative innovation. From his early pioneering role in electronic music, his use of multi-channel audio technology and production, to his recent explorations into the realms of VR performance and the metaverse, technology is at the forefront of everything he does. He is quoted as claiming that “today is the most exciting time to create, to make music, and to share across so many mediums”.

Jarre is UNESCO ambassador for education, science and culture, an unconditional defender of the planet and the environment and Laureate of the Stephen Hawking Medal for scientific communication.

"Guinness World Records for live audience attendance"

Jarre’s current catalog, which now includes 22 studio albums, has generated sales of more than 85 million worldwide to date, and earned him countless awards and nominations. Throughout his career, Jarre has taken as canvas, some of the most iconic landmarks and UNESCO World Heritage sites around the globe for his creative, cultural and environmental message. He has also set new Guinness World Records for live audience attendance at concerts in several emblematic locations. He was the first western musician to be invited to perform in China and has also created and performed concert-events at the Great Pyramids in Egypt, the Sahara Desert, the Forbidden City & Tiananmen Square, the Eiffel Tower, the Dead Sea, Al Ula, and more. He has consistently sold out arena and stadium tours across the continents, as well as performing at major festivals including Coachella. In 2021, he rang in the new year with Welcome To The Other Side, a groundbreaking livestream broadcast worldwide from a virtual Notre Dame in Paris. U.S. touring & live entertainment trade publication US Pollstar states that the livestream attracted record-breaking audiences of over 75 million viewers worldwide across various platforms, television, and VR.
Jarre is UNESCO ambassador for education, science and culture, an unconditional defender of the planet and the environment and Laureate of the Stephen Hawking Medal for scientific communication.

About lynx

Lynx Mixed Reality reshapes the future of immersive experiences with the Lynx-R1, a standalone mixed reality headset designed in France. Our device transforms how industries, healthcare, education and entertainment sectors engage with mixed reality (AR+VR), prioritizing a ‘privacy by design’ approach to ensure users maintain complete data ownership. Focusing on B2B relationships, Lynx is committed to advancing practical applications of mixed reality technology.Jarre is UNESCO ambassador for education, science and culture, an unconditional defender of the planet and the environment and Laureate of the Stephen Hawking Medal for scientific communication.

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Music, art direction & graphic design :
Jean-Michel Jarre

Production :
Artefact, art & technology

Management :
Aéro Productions

Stage management:

Visual and multimedia content:
Placing Shadows

Technical facilities:
Groupe Novelty – Magnum – Dushow
Colours Sound Experiment

Acoustic engineering :

Mixed Reality Headset:
Lynx Mixed Reality

Metaverse platform and virtual reality studio:

Motion capture:

VR production:
Maud Clavier

Final production :
David Montagne

Audiovisual production:
Morgane Production

Audiovisual technical facilities:
Xd Motion
Boîte à outils broadcast

Event logistics:
101 Production

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