Armani White in Exclusive Concert: Are You Ready?

Imagine yourself for a moment, comfortably sitting on your couch, a bag of chips in hand, ready to experience an exclusive concert like never before. VRROOM has decided to spoil you with an exclusive concert by rapper Armani White, famous for his hit “Billie Eilish” which ignited TikTok with 4.8 million views. The event is scheduled for Tuesday, November 7th at 8 p.m. The best news? It’s completely free! Just register on, put on your headset, and you’re good to go. 🎤🔥

Create and Monetize Your Immersive Content

VRROOM is not just for spectators; it’s also for you, content creators who want to shine in the metaverse. Artists, labels, businesses, you now have the chance to create your own immersive cultural events. Live concerts, shows, virtual festivals, or even artistic installations, everything is possible! And the icing on the cake, a monetization system is already in place. 🎨💰
For those passionate about the Unity universe, it’s your lucky day! You can import your virtual worlds with the VRROOM extension (SDK), and guess what? It’s totally free. And if coding isn’t your thing, don’t panic. You’ll be able to create a three-dimensional virtual scene in just a few clicks. You’ll perform like a pro, just like YouTubers and streamers. VRROOM also offers a bunch of tools to customize your scenic universes, such as backgrounds, virtual goods, goodies, and avatars. 🎮🌟

Accessible on All Virtual Reality Headsets

The big news is that the VRROOM platform is accessible on all virtual reality headsets: Pico, HTC, and even the latest Quest 3 from Meta, all roads lead to VRROOM. Smartphones are not left out as they will also be compatible starting from 2024. So you can say goodbye to boring reality and embark on a journey beyond imagination. 🚀🔮

A New Chapter for Culture: Europe Takes the Stage!

“The goal for VRROOM is to break free from foreign platforms and become a borderless welcoming space for artists from all over the world who can meet their audience and monetize their productions freely,” proudly states Louis Cacciuttolo, the founder of VRROOM.
VRROOM’s aura extends well beyond French borders, thanks to prestigious collaborations with SXSW, the Venice Biennale, and France Télévisions. VRROOM even set the world record for the most broadcasted concert on New Year’s 2021, with Jean-Michel Jarre’s immersive show at Notre-Dame, gathering no less than 75 million viewers. 🌍🎆

Buoyed by our success, we are committed to defending Franco-European cultural sovereignty. We already began a new chapter in our history last January with an immersive concert featuring French artists MAXENCE, WEB7 & LE JUIICE. With this new early access version, VRROOM is set to shake up the world of immersion. So, who’s in for the journey? 🌈🚀

Don’t forget to mark November 7th on your calendars and head over to for total immersion like you’ve never experienced before. Hold on tight, we’re taking you to a world where reality has no place. Get ready to discover new horizons and experience culture like you never thought possible. 🌟🌐