The People’s Choice Awards

It’s important to note that alongside the Webby Awards, there’s a second set of awards, the People’s Voice Awards. These distinctions are awarded in the same categories, and are elected by popular vote. This means that your voice and support have played a key role in our success at the Webby Awards. Your active participation helped make this victory a reality.

VRROOM: Pioneers of the Metaverse and Minivers

We’d like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has stood by us, supported us and voted for us. Your invaluable support was instrumental in our success at the Webby Awards. Receiving this award is a testament to VRROOM’s impact in this world, and it touches us deeply.

An unwavering commitment to you

Our commitment to excellence and our passion for creating innovative experiences remain unwavering. This recognition motivates us to continue our quest for innovation and to push back the boundaries of what is possible in the field of experiential design.
This win at the Webby Awards is just the beginning of an even more promising adventure for VRROOM. We’re determined to continue innovating, to create experiences that capture the imagination, and to shape the future of experiential design. We look forward to sharing with you our future creations that will push back the frontiers of innovation.

A huge thank you to you all

Ultimately, it’s you, our valued community, who deserve the lion’s share of the credit for this outstanding achievement. We are grateful for your trust, your unwavering support and your enthusiasm. You are at the heart of our success, for which we are deeply grateful.

As we celebrate this Webby Awards victory, we invite you to continue this journey with VRROOM. Together, we’re ready to explore new horizons, create memorable experiences and achieve even more extraordinary successes.