The #FrenchTech2030 Program: What Is It?

The #FrenchTech2030 program is an ambitious project aimed at supporting emerging players in innovation within key economic and technological domains crucial for France’s sovereignty. These domains include innovative frontiers, digital sovereignty, health innovation, the decarbonization of society, the agricultural revolution, and the production of immersive cultural and technological content.

VRROOM: Innovating in the Metaverse

So, what is VRROOM? We are a studio specialized in immersive experiences in the metaverse, an astonishing virtual reality where the audience can enjoy live performances and cultural events. Our goal is to make these experiences universally accessible. To do this, VRROOM is developing its own XR (Extended Reality) social platform that allows artists, producers, festival organizers, and cultural venues to create their own “miniverses,” meet their audience directly, and monetize their live and replay events.

A Rigorous Selection

We were chosen from 844 applications, a testament to our commitment to addressing the challenges of industrial and technological sovereignty, as well as developing new revolutionary activities. This selection was carried out by a committee chaired by Bruno Bonnell, the General Secretary for Investment, who recognized our potential to push the limits of innovation.

VRROOM, Winner of FrenchTech 2030: For a Green and Inclusive Future

We are especially proud to be part of a cohort that includes nearly 52% of emerging players committed to ecological transition, with nearly 30% of the CEOs or co-founders of these companies being women. Our commitment to a more environmentally friendly future and gender equality at the heart of our work dynamic are the essential foundations of our vision.
This recognition is a huge source of pride for VRROOM. We are honored to be among the 125 winners of the #FrenchTech2030 program. It is a validation of our hard work, vision, and innovation. We are excited to see what the future holds and to move forward with you towards an era of technology and innovation.